Gmax VetCheck

Hand-held Equine Heart Monitor with ECG

The Gmax VetCheck system is the easiest and most accurate way to make measurements of your horse's heart, to maximise performance and welfare.

The rechargeable hand-held device displays the heart rate within seconds of being placed on the horse, on a screen that is visible in all conditions.

Uniquely for hand-held heart rate monitors, VetCheck also records and displays the ECG trace for detailed diagnosis and performance monitoring.

The data can be transmitted wirelessly to an optional public screen, and sent to your mobile device or IT system.

Gmax VetCheck is so accurate that it has been selected for use in FEI approved endurance competition, the video to the right shows the system in use, in co-ordination with other Gmax ride management display screens.

To find out more and purchase a Gmax VetCheck system please contact us.